Minnerva's work for the CfiT project included technical input to the issue of monitoring transport at a national level.

The Plan is wide ranging in scope, a point reflected in the inclusion in the project team of several major specialist organisations, namely NERA (economics), ERM (environment), ecotec (land use and urban regeneration), and ITS Leeds University (social exclusion and transport modelling)

The project's work included analysing and synthesising the large amount of available data to create a clear view of progress, or relative lack of it, towards the Plan's varied objectives

Minnerva provided specialist contributions to the section of the approach to monitoring published in CfIT's Initial Assessment Report of the 10 Year Plan. The relevant extract of the report can be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the image to the top right.

The theme of monitoring transport achievement was also a prominent part of the Travel Diaries project undertaken for Essex County Council and it also provides an objective of the Transport Assessor software.

(Contact: Miles Logie)