As transport planning activities have shifted in emphasis towards sustainability and reducing car-dependence, public transport has increased its relevance to clients in both the public and private sector. Minnerva has been involved in a number of public transport projects, drawing on our understanding of public transport planning issues, as well as our appreciation of the potential for maximising value from existing data sources and models.

We have fulfilled a variety of roles, in some instances providing services direct to end-clients, and in others enhancing the capabilities of other consultancies. Projects in which we have primarily established models or data-analysis capabilities to facilitate public transport planning are described elsewhere (in particular, see:

TfL Data Synthesis
Tfl Metadata
Medway Transport Modelling Strategy Development

In the projects listed to the right, our role has primarily been to provide advice and guidance rather than model building as such. We have been involved in a variety of public transport topics, including:

• Forecasts of the performance of proposed public transport services or projects
• Development of schemes, and strategies for successful implementation

The scope for improvement in public transport quality, and identification of the likely consequences of change.