Minnerva undertakes a wide range of projects for varied clients, but transport is usually a central theme.

In this section of the web site we present a selection of recent projects under the four main topic headings shown above. However, this is largely for convenience, because many Minnerva projects encompass multiple themes and it is a strength offered by the experience in the company that it can provide the skills and vision handle projects of this scope.

Hence, 'data' and 'modelling' are usually inter-linked; transport is normally considered in a multi-modal context, so highlighting 'public transport planning' does not diminish more highway related aspects, and so on.

Software is described in its own section, but it normally provides the means to implement many of the capabilities required by projects. Minnerva’s capacity both to understand the application area in some depth and to write the software is therefore central to many of the projects.

Recent project successes include the new Trip End and Trip Distribution Models developed for the Dublin Transportation Office (Now National Transport Authority) using OmniTRANS, and the development of the OD Data Fusion project for the Highways Agency.