The Transport Assessor is a web-based system designed to make transport information more widely available. It is based around MapInfo’s MapXtreme web-enable GIS software, but has web pages that are concerned with assisting the user in selecting the information that is suited to their interests and perspectives. This means that the system is designed for people who may have a professional interest as technical specialist or senior decision makers, as well as those who have an occasional interest, whether as a specialist in a non-transport area or simply as a member of the public with no special knowledge of the topic

A common thread exploited by the Transport Assessor is the ease by which transport-related information can be presented and comprehended in map form, but it also brings information together by allowing it to be accessed via a ‘time line’ that make clear how the information might related to past monitoring information or future forecasts. Standard web facilities are available for retrieving information via hyperlinks

The Transport Assessor contains communication facilities, in the form of a bulletin board, designed to encourage contact between people with similar interests, for example, in school travel matters. It also has security facilities designed to encourage people to include informal information that can be shared with others who may be expected to understand the context and any limitations of the information

The Transport Assessor is not packaged software, but is a set of components that may readily be customised to meet the specific needs and interests of individual clients.

Further information is available in a note (PDF format) that can be downloaded.

(Contact: Miles Logie)