Cardiff has experienced a period of rapid economic growth. Its place as the economic, administrative and culture heart of South Wales is well established. Such growth brings with it a demand for new offices, housing, educational, retail and leisure facilities and the appearance of many new significant developments in Cardiff Bay is very apparent.

Cardiff Council commissioned Peter Brett Associates to observe current demand for travel in Cardiff and to relate this to the pattern of land use in the area, with the objective of building a model which explained current travel patterns in the area and could be used to assess the transport effects of a variety of changes in either the transport system or the land use in Cardiff.

Minnerva assisted in the building of this model which included network development, providing a Household Interview Managament System, the development of tools to help validate roadside interview data. Considerable attention was paid to ensuring the quaility of the voluminous data that had been collected prior to, and for, this project, and linking the collcted travel information by purpose and time period with land use information provided a valuable insight into the robustess of the data.

Minnerva was also involved in the development of the base year matrices using Matrix Estmation techniques.


Contact: Miles Logie