Tee Totaller is an exciting new software package that records your golf scores, analyses your performance and acts as the perfect 'album' to record your rounds of golf. As you build up a database of scores they can be used to analyse your performance; you may be surprised at what you find.

Tee Totaller provides a range of analyses that will help identify the holes that really cause you problems, so you can think about the possible reasons and adapt your game accordingly. As you build up scores played on the same course you can create your own personal stroke index.

You can customise Tee Totaller using digital or scanned photographs of players and courses; this lets you keep a permanent record of every round you play - including all those holiday rounds and society days.

The individual version of Tee Totaller lets you enter details for up to ten players so you can compare your performance with that of your friends.

An enhanced version of Tee Totaller is available for organising society or club competitions. If you have ever had the pleasure of running these then you will know just how much work is involved in the planning and management - much of it working to tight deadlines - just when you are trying to enjoy the golf yourself.

Tee Totaller takes the strain by help you organise the competitions and draws for each round, check the returned cards and generate Leader Board tables for Gross, Net, Stableford, "Best-On...." and so on.

Tee Totaller is an easy to use software program that takes the stress out running these competitions, so you have the chance to enjoy the occasion. All you need is access to a computer or laptop.

(Contact: Martin Bach)