Minnerva comprises a group of highly skilled professionals who have many years collective experience in the field of transportation. Our experience enables us to see the larger picture while providing familiarity with the detailed technicalities

Our core expertise is in the fields of transport planning, modelling, public transport operations, software, and financial and management consultancy. We aim to deliver imaginative but practical solutions in a timely, flexible and cost effective manner

Our end-clients include public sector bodies, both central and local government and their agencies, and the private sector. We also support large and small consultancies serving this client base, helping them both win work and undertake it

We enjoy being involved in interesting and challenging projects. Our approach is to invest in developing the effective long term working relationships that we believe are the key to personal and professional satisfaction for both clients and ourselves

An element of Minnerva's strength comes from access to its extended network of skilled professionals who are available to help you