If you have looked at this site and feel that it could be interesting to be a part of Minnerva, then let us know. In many cases, Minnerva gives prospective employees a chance to change their lifestyle.

We offer the advantages to individuals of being able to operate as an Independent Consultant but with support from a corporate infrastructure and the potential of being able to draw upon colleagues to make up a multi-disciplinary team when required.

We are looking for experienced staff who are interested and able to win work for themselves and others within our network. Your earnings will largely be dependent on the amount of work you win, so you can chose to work as much (or as little) as you wish.

We are currently looking to recruit at the following levels:

• director/shareholder
• consultant
as well enlarging our network of contacts in the consultancy field.

If your skills are compatible with, or complementary to, those described elsewhere in our site and you feel our style of work could be of interest to you then .

Minnerva is an equal opportunities employer