We are able to offer a range of ways of assisting clients:

• we can provide the time of individuals, on an
‘as-required’ basis, to fill specific requirements for specialised skills and resources

• we can contract to deliver specific studies or products. This can be to predefined specifications, but it will often be more effective to work on a step-by-step basis, jointly developing an agreed definition of deliverables before requiring a significant advance commitment by the client

• we are happy to work directly to end-clients, or seamlessly as part of the offering of other consultancies

• when working with other consultancies we offer access to high level staff who can be used to help win and do work. We can also help reduce pressures on senior management by managing and training junior staff as part of the project

Often, the starting point is an informal inquiry from the client side – can Minnerva help address a particular problem or issue? If we can assist, we encourage a no-commitment meeting to explore the problem and its context – and help establish a good working relationship. We will then prepare a brief proposal, setting out our understanding of the client requirements, what we propose to do, what will be delivered, who will do it, by when, and at what cost

We are able to provide a flexible approach to project structuring, responsive to changing circumstances, and enabling us to establish a sound, long-term relationship with our clients