Martin is an experienced project manager and proficient programmer. A good strategic thinker and problem solver with proven technical ability he was manager, for 15 years, of the team that developed, marketed and sold TRIPS, one of the world's leading transportation planning software packages.

More recently he has provided inputs to the OmniTRANS transport modelling package by developing the user documentation system. He has been actively involved in establishing the marketing and support systems as well as contributing to the technical direction of the package.

He has been working on a series of UK/Ireland based projects which have been using OmniTRANS, and as part of this work he has been providing on-site support and training to assist in the transfer of knowledge and skills to users who are new to the software.

In the course of these various activities he has developed and written many software applications, originally using Fortran but latterly using Delphi and Ruby. He has developed several add-on packs for OmniTRANS which provide functionality and productivity gains for users of the package.

He has been involved in projects that have have required innovative approaches to transport planning where the consideration of the quality, management and value of the data being used in the process is as important as the process itself.

Recent work has focused on making use of 'open' Public Transport time table data and using this to build Public Transport networks suitable for modelling in an efficient and cost effective manner. A feature of this work is the 'mapping' of public transport routes to an underlying network structure.