Andrew is a public transport specialist with wide ranging experience of advising clients throughout the public and private sector on projects, policy and strategy.

He has in-depth understanding of the process through which transport change can be brought about, as well as diverse technical skills in areas such as transport economics, disaggregate demand modelling, public transport assignment procedures, concessionary fares reimbursement, cost-benefit analysis and multi-criteria appraisal.

His experience extends beyond transport, having worked for HM Treasury, the police service, and a variety of local government functions, and he has also managed substantial projects in Europe, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.
In the last few years his main area of activity has become concessionary travel, in which he is one of the UK’s leading experts. Other project areas include:

  • major public transport project development and appraisal such as Croydon Tramlink and Crossrail
  • development of bus strategies for local authorities in urban areas such as Southampton and Leicester
  • International comparisons on topics such as European practice in light rail development, interchange good practice, and rail station renewal.

Although less committed to chasing little white balls than Minnerva colleagues, he also enjoys his non-working time, and confesses to playing drums in various jazz, blues and rock groups when not thinking about how to make public transport better.